Before booking, you need to know that:

  • Selecting certain dates it will not be possible to book due to the large influx, but we will guarantee you the availability of the materials by presenting you directly to the rental and choosing from the models available.
  • Each rental decides in total freedom which model of equipment is part of which category. This makes it impossible to compare different quotes until you know the real model of equipment you will receive at the rental. We guarantee materials that are always on top, boots and helmets that are sanitized daily, trying to make you feel at home in a unique location for logistics.
  • You will receive an e-mail confirming the booking which can also be shown on your smartphone to the rental where you will find the 10% discount already calculated. Once at the rental, giving up the discount, you can choose between the other advantage.
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Order in the name of:

Guaranteed availability but not bookable for this period.

Sci top di gamma non prenotabile in questo perido.

Helmet5: [FIELD80]
Temp1: [FIELD72]
Temp2: [FIELD77]
Temp3: [FIELD76]
Temp4: [FIELD75]
Temp5: [FIELD74]
Helmet1: [FIELD73]
Helmet2: [FIELD79]
Helmet3: [FIELD78]
Helmet4: [FIELD81]
Helmet5: [FIELD84]



Person 1

Cost: €[ FIELD20+FIELD73+FIELD72]

Person 2

Cost: €[ FIELD28+FIELD79+FIELD77 ]

Person 3

Cost: €[ FIELD29+FIELD78+FIELD76]

Person 4

Cost: €[ FIELD27+FIELD81+FIELD75 ]

Person 5

Cost: €[ FIELD30+FIELD84+FIELD74 ]

Total charge payable (discounted 10%): €[FIELD44*0.9]

By booking online, you will have the choice of one of the following advantages:

  • 10% discount on rental and on new heated locker depot system
  • theft insurance and damages on 100% of the value of the rented equipment
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